portrait session giveaway winners announced

Before announcing the three winners of our special portrait giveaway, I want to say how much I truly enjoyed reading about the special angels in your lives. I hope you take the chance to read the stories about these beautiful babies, children, and adults, and see how much joy they bring to their families’ lives. My heart was filled to overflowing reading your stories. I cannot wait to meet and work with our session winners!

The three winners of our giveaway have won a FREE portrait session with Completely Captivating Photography and one 11×14″ retouched print from their session. ($200 value) No one’s going home empty handed though. The additional participants will receive a special little something as well. (Be sure to check your e-mails for a treat!) Thank you again to all of the participants of this fun and celebrative giveaway!!


Here are our winners and the stories they submitted:

My son Dylan doesn’t talk, but he communicates so much joy with his smile, his facial expressions, his dance moves and his love of animals. Dylan is 5 and has Down Syndrome. From the moment he was born, he has charmed and captivated us. When I’m stressed out, he is the Zen master. When I’m too serious, he’s a clown. When I’m sad, his chubby little arms wrap around my neck and he plants a wet, sloppy kiss on my nose. Dylan is our little angel and our little monster. He has a twinkle of mischief, but also an abundance of innocence and love. He has taught us patience and gratitude. His big sister adores him and, for reasons I will never fully understand, so do our pets. Our Golden Retriever, Ginny, has been Dylan’s loyal protector since he was born. She allows him to lie down on top of her, pull her ears, take her toys and use her like a pillow. Our male cat, Marley, allows Dylan to carry him around the house. Marley could easily avoid being picked up — Dylan is not that fast — but he allows himself to be captured and toted around in a thoroughly undignified way. The animals seem to sense that there is a special magic about Dylan. So do the kids at daycare. Dylan is in daycare with typical 2-year-olds and the other children adore him. The little boys proudly bring me Dylan’s shoes (which he never keeps on) and the little girls always run, grab his hand and tell him when I have arrived. On Dylan’s second week there, one little girl in particular hugged him repeatedly and said “I love my Dylan.” The teacher wrote me a note and took a picture, both of which I treasure. Every day when we get home, Dylan visits the flowers in our front yard before entering the house. He goes to two or three different spots, tenderly touching different varieties, sometimes knocking a bloom or two loose, but never grabbing them roughly. I honestly think our flowers are bigger and healthier since he began this ritual about a year ago. I have taken my kids to the portrait studio at the mall several times, but it’s always stressful and the photographers there haven’t really been able to capture his “Dylan-ness.” I can’t tell you how much it would mean to me to have a more natural and relaxed photo session outdoors or on his own turf.
Thank you so much for having this contest!            (Cindy Glover)

Zachary and Erika recently got engaged. They have dated over 8 years and have built a beautiful relationship. Both of them are dancers and perform duets together. Our families would love a beautiful portrait of this dynamic duo to announce their engagement. A portrait to capture the twinkle in their eyes, the sparkle of their personalities, and the joy they find with each other would warm our hearts. Both Zachary and Erika are in their late twenties, value their family and friends, love their dogs, and happen to have Down syndrome.           (Shelley Gottsagen)

What an amazing way to celebrate! We would love to be your winners but can’t wait to see the photos even if we don’t win–just reading all these beautiful stories makes me happy! Ok, a little about us: We have three children ranging from 15 down to our youngest, Mariana, who will turn 5 on May 1. Mari was adopted from Colombia in 2009 when she was 17 months old and she has Down syndrome. The last photos we have of all five of us together were taken in October 2009 just weeks after we came home. It was difficult to get good shots because she had so little body control and positioning was rough. Flash forward to today 3.5 years later and all three kids have grown so much…especially Mari. We see every day how far they have come and I would love to have a new set of family photos to show off…but it will probably be difficult to get good shots this time too because Mari NEVER STOPS.            (Jenn Murray)


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