romantically rustic styled shoot {jupiter, fl}

About a month ago I was driving home, Gotye coming through the speakers (BIG fan, P.S.), and I was hit with this overwhelming urge to shoot a stylized wedding session. Three words kept running through my head: romantic, rustic, and Anthropologie (gushhh). By the time I arrived home, I practically had the whole session planned. However, I was missing a key part of my vision – a bride and a groom. Lucky for me, within minutes of posting a “models wanted/free session” blog post, it was snatched up by the gorgeous Leith’s. I mean seriously, these two BROUGHT IT. I shared with them my idea for the shoot, and a few days later Ashleigh texted me a picture of the brand new wedding dress she bought for the shoot (um…Holler!) as well as Alex’s J-Crew inspired get-up. I. Was. Smitten.

Then came the details. I had filled three pages in my journal with thoughts, prop ideas, possible locations, etc. My session designer-extraordinaire and I sat down and basically pulled our houses apart to find things that perfectly fit the anthro-inspired theme we were going for. (LOVE you Olivia!) We were set!

We braved a serious roller coaster of emotions the day of the shoot. Of all weekends in April, the weather decided to pick that day to bring on day long torrential downpours. So we cancelled….then rescheduled…..then changed locations at the very last minute. With our cars packed to the brim and storm clouds looming toward the south, we were given 2 beautiful hours of a wonderfully dry overcast sky and a perfect location.

So after Olivia and I ran like madmen to set up our bridal table in the middle of a peacock infested park, my wonderfully patient bride and groom arrived to get their session on.
And the rest is beauty….



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