We have known Becky for almost 5 years now and she has been apart of every major milestone in our lives. From photographing our engagement pictures to our wedding day, and now she has done one year old pictures, maternity pictures, and newborn pictures. What stands out about Becky is her positive attitude, ability to make you feel so comfortable (even with kids), her willingness to go above and beyond to make your vision a reality, and her promptness. But most importantly is her passion for what she does, which is seen through her amazing work. We cherish our pictures and the moments captured. Becky is the best and will be apart of many more milestones to come! {The LaPlaca Family}

The first time I had the pleasure of working with Becky was for my wedding. She was attentive, supportive and listened to exactly what we wanted in our photographs. She gave my husband and I beautiful reminders of our special day. Since then, Becky has been our "go to" person when we wanted to capture special events. She has been there for the very beginning of both of my children's lives and then for their first birthdays. Not only have I gained a beautiful gallery of photos that will last a lifetime, but I've gained a friend as well! Thank you Becky, you are special! {The Marchica Family}

Until you meet Becky Stockman, the search for a wedding photographer can be quite daunting. After a few weeks of searching, our neighbors recommended we take a look at Becky's website and reach out to her. We did and what followed was the most reassuring decision during an otherwise stressful time in our lives. A wedding is certainly a tremendous life event and celebration, and you want to know that you can trust someone to capture every special minute of it. Becky is just the person. From the initial consultation, to the final review, Becky builds and maintains trust with professionalism and her own personal touch. Becky's attention to detail is impeccable and we are thankful for her outstanding work which will help us remember that day for the rest of our lives. {Nick & Meghan}

Newborn and toddler sessions can be challenging. At our session my 2 year old was not very cooperative at all, but Becky was so sweet, calm, peaceful and patient as she worked with us. She spent more than 1 1/2 hours with my family of 5 (including our furry baby dog). She was amazing and made everything go smoothly. She even made my daughter smile for her. When we saw the photos, I was amazed. They were flawless and we looked so perfect. She did a magnificent job, and I am happy that she took our first pictures with our new addition. I can't wait to have another session with her. If you want to have beautiful memories of your family, she's the perfect combination of sweetness and professionalism. {The Sanchez Family}

Weddings are both exciting and stressful. They feature elements that are able to be controlled and those that are left to chance. The plan for our wedding was to get married on the beach in Florida at a time of year when rain at sunset was extremely unlikely. Despite this, the day of our wedding featured thunderstorms, rain, and ultimately, a ceremony under the roof instead of the sun. Prior to our wedding day, Becky Stockman worked with us every step of the way. We scouted locations together. She advised us where to stand, what had to be moved from the beach, and guided us to the best locations to take advantage of the sun’s location. And then it rained. With the arrival of the rain, Becky showed her flexibility by adapting to an indoor ceremony on extremely short notice; ultimately taking photos of such high quality and with such professionalism that an outsider would think an indoor ceremony had been planned from the start. After the ceremony, we went to the beach for bride and groom photos. The weather was still poor, but the photos taken were fantastic. The angles, lighting, background, and poses were all superb; and the end result is a credit to Becky’s incredible talent as a photographer. Aside from being an excellent photographer, Becky is very personable and got along well with all our guests. Her presence created a natural environment that allowed people to be themselves have fun without noticing they were being photographed. As a result, the photos and the guests featured in them are genuine and filled with character. Becky also displayed an incredible amount of patience throughout our entire time together. She answered countless emails and questions, reviewed numerous timelines, and always made time for us. She was the ultimate professional and provided comfort and stability in an otherwise crazy time. When the photos were ready to be viewed, she presented us with cookies, drinks, and a fantastic slide show. It was a wonderful experience and a fantastic opportunity to see the photos for the first time. It is a culmination of the incredible amount of effort Becky puts forth throughout, and as a result, the finished product is of the highest quality. If you are planning a wedding or looking for a photographer to hire for a special event, we can’t recommend Becky Stockman enough. She is reliable, incredibly talented, and a pleasure to work with. Her ability to adapt to changing situations without sacrificing quality is a credit to her level of experience and preparedness is something my husband and I can attest to. Our wedding was not perfect, but the photos that resulted from Becky Stockman’s efforts, were. {Jim & Jackie}